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Seaquest Ltd is a limited liability company first registered in New Zealand in 2002. As at 2012, between them, the directors have accumulated 75 years of industry experience!

The primary business of Seaquest is to import, finish and wholesale commercial furniture, mainly under the classification – office chairs. Product is sourced from several countries including Malaysia, Southern China and Taiwan. In addition, the company completes some products using NZ sourced componentry and upholstery.


Seaquest has always sought products which are different from the general market offering with unique design elements and providing special benefits such as exceptional postural support and seating comfort. Most product suppliers, acknowledging our experience and industry understanding have incorporated Seaquest inspired improvements in their design and engineering specifications.


Ethical trading and business practises guide Seaquest management in all areas of its decision making and operation. Building strong and mutually profitable business relationships with our suppliers, associates and customers is regarded as a key element for our reputation and success. We enjoy a friendly and supportive working environment with a small and motivated team of individuals focussed on excellent customer service, increasing Seaquest market presence and our own personal achievements.


Seaquest Ltd supports a distributor network throughout New Zealand and our products may only be be purchased through Resellers . Our key distributors are listed in the RESELLERS section of this website.

Our Guarantee

“Seaquest Ltd, guarantees the performance of these products in the catalogue above whilst in normal use as commercial seating, (see note 1) against failure or breakage for a period of 5 years (see note 2) from date of delivery to your client.

This guarantee excludes the performance of the upholstery fabric (including wear and fading). Seaquest Ltd, will repair or replace components or complete products without charges to its customers and their clients and with minimum possible disruption to users, however Seaquest Ltd, will not accept liability for consequential damages or personal injury arising out of the claims under this guarantee”

Note 1.

Seaquest Ltd, considers that normal use as commercial seating means facilitating desk and table based tasks, attending meetings, conferences, education and training facilities and other client oriented activity in a commercial or non-commercial premises during normal hours of operation including: private homes, offices, educational institutions, local and national government facilities, shops, factories, warehouse, hospitality and medical service facilities and in the transport industry.

Normal use is also considered by Seaquest Ltd to mean users of normal build and physical capacity.

Note 2.

In the event that the seating is in continuous use for an abnormal period the guarantee period is adjusted to assume a normal period of use of about 50 hours a week.

Products used in a 24 hour, 7 days a week environment shall have their guarantee period reduced to 1 year.



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