Mata Visitor

  • Easy to maintain
  • Supportive back design
  • Conveniently stackable
  • Durable engineered plastics
  • Safety conscious frame design
  • Seat pad option available

Mata is a popular product in use in meeting areas, receptions, training areas, school halls, dining, cafeterias and food halls. The flexible back and kick back legs make Mata very resilient to accidental tipping from even the most active sitter. The polypropylene shell will retain its flexibility and colour fastness for many years in indoor situations. Mata does not have UV stabilizers or rust proofing suitable for prolonged outdoor use. 

Seat height: 450mm

Seat depth: 415mm

Seat width: 430mm

Back height: 375mm

Back width (widest): 430mm


Specifications may alter with product modifications from time to time.

Ergonomic design elements:
• Flexible Shell with wrap around back and lumbar support
• Dished seat