• Ergonomically engineered to greatly reduce health and safety risks of long periods of seated situations
  • Adjustable posture and seating depth combined with 2 way adjustable lumbar support to suit most body shapes.
  • Latest stretch mesh technology to provide a flexible but cool back support avoiding pressure points and hot spots.

8 hour seating, suitable for high use seating situations such as computer based engineering and design, word processing and call center operations. Being multi-adjustable Tune is appropriate for frequent micro pauses and reclined rest positions.

Caution Note:
Users with spinal conditions, back pain and limited use of lower limbs should consult with medical specialists before use.
The designed instability of the product requires using feet and legs to control posture. Users are advised to keep both feet in firm contact with the floor at all times.

Seat height range Saddle Top 595-740mm
Seat height range Round Top 645-790mm
Seat Diameter 330mm